TNG112: Too Short A Season

  Too Short A Season Production 112 2/8/88 Stardate 41309.5 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise transports a famous negotiator, Admiral Mark Jameson, to Mordan IV, where several Federation officials have been taken hostage by the planet’s governor, Karnas. Although the crew is excited about having the legendary officer on board, Picard and Dr. Crusher […]

TNG124: We’ll Always Have Paris

We`ll Always Have Paris Production 124 5/2/88 Stardate 41697.9 Media Archives: Synopsis: While traveling to Sarona VIII for shore leave, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew experiences a bizarre phenomenon in which a moment in time mysteriously repeats itself. Shortly thereafter, the ship receives a distress signal from Vandor IV, where Dr. Paul Manheim has been conducting […]

TNG118: When The Bough Breaks

When The Bough Breaks Production 118 2/15/88 Stardate 41509.1 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise accidentally discovers Aldea, a planet with advanced technology that provides every need or want a person could have. Although Aldea has hidden itself from the universe behind a sophisticated shield, it’s soon apparent that the discovery was no accident. Having […]

TNG119: Coming of Age

  Coming Of Age Production 119 3/14/88 Stardate 41461.2 Media Archives: Synopsis: While the U.S.S. Enterprise orbits Relva VII, Wesley beams down to take the grueling Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Back on board the ship, Picard and his crew are quizzed by Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick, a Federation officer who is investigating Picard’s competence on […]

TNG107: The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost Production 107 10/19/87 Stardate 41386.4 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise is rendered powerless above an unknown and mysterious planet during a mission to repossess a stolen T-9 energy converter from Ferengi culprits. Captain Picard, believing the Ferengi bandits initiated this withdrawal of energy, announces the U.S.S. Enterprise‘s willingness to resolve the […]

TNG106: Where No One Has Gone Before

Where No One Has Gone Before Production 106 10/26/87 Stardate 41263.1 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to uncharted territory when a test on the ship’s propulsion system backfires and blasts the starship more than a billion light years from their own galaxy. The blame for the mishap is originally placed on […]

TNG105: Haven

Haven Production 105 11/30/87 Stardate 41294.5 Media Archives: Synopsis: Counselor Troi’s mother pays an unexpected visit to the U.S.S. Enterprise, informing her daughter of the marriage plans her late father had arranged on Deanna’s behalf. Honoring the traditional Betazoid customs, Troi dutifully, yet halfheartedly, prepares to marry Wyatt, the son of her father’s best friend. […]

TNG104: Code of Honor

Code Of Honor Production 104 10/12/87 Stardate 41235.25 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to the planet Ligon II to negotiate a treaty for the use of a rare vaccine needed on Stryris IV. The Ligonians board the starship appearing friendly, but startle the crew by ruthlessly kidnapping Tasha. To get Tasha […]

TNG103: The Naked Now

The Naked Now Production 103 10/5/87 Stardate 41209.2 Media Archives: Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew are summoned to investigate strange occurrences aboard the starship U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky, which has been monitoring the collapse of a red-orange star. Once aboard the troubled research vessel, the away team finds a ship littered with food, wine, discarded clothes, […]

TNG102: Encounter at Farpoint Part II

Encounter At Farpoint, Part II Production 102 9/28/87 Stardate 41153.7 Media Archives:   Synopsis: At the trial, Q continues to denounce humans, while Picard defends his race and convinces Q that the upcoming mission at Farpoint will be the perfect opportunity to prove his point. Q accepts the Captain’s proposal but gives him only 24 […]