Let’s try this again…

New server, new network and hopefully a more stable environment. After several hundred starts and restarts I have high hopes that I can once again offer a useful Star Trek Resource. I unfortunately lost my original StarfleetLibrary(.com) domain because of a renewal snafu and the current “owner” wants $3500 to sell it back to me. Apparently they think they have gold. That’s way more money than my hobby allows. This is a WordPress layout — the original site was done in FrontPage. That means I need to transfer the several hundred gigs of data as well as completely re-do all of the individual episode pages and related materials. That’s 726 individual pages plus reviews and a wonderful new resource I’ve been following called Mission Log. It’s a podcast reviewing the episodes IN ORDER and attempting to determine if the “messages, morals and meanings” stand the test of time. Of course I’ll be tweaking the layout and look of the site as I go. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to “lock in” as much of the format as I can. I appreciate your patience as I rebuild the Library. I’ll be cross posting to as many of the other social media outlets as will let me. If you know of a new one or if I’m not on your favorite, please give me a shout. LLAP, Dick Davies Chief Curator

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